Check out the exciting and rewarding summer internships 2017

summer internships 2017

Internships for college students are the most important aspects of their academics as it is not just something that helps them gain credits in exams but also is an entry into the corporates or industries. Summer internships or quarterly internships are available and in fact opportunities in India are now running all throughout the year in all major cities. When you look at the summer internships 2017, every major field related to corporates or industries and whether in software engineering or commerce, every field is witnessing huge demand from students and fresher candidates.

All know that internships are some of the most beneficial aspects of starting your career or giving a boost to your career even if you are a student or a fresher or an experienced individual. The basic benefit that an internship gives is the experience which will be always counted along with the development of the right skills. When you get into an internship at your college the first thing that happens is the development of a perspective which is generally correct. A theoretical study or teaching can never give you the right perspective that actual work gives and this is where you analyse your potential and area of interest. Another advantage is that, you tend to understand the exact area that you can concentrate on; as today individual expertise is required in every single field. An internship lets you choose this field and the area of professional career.

A few degrees and a few universities in engineering as well as commerce, allot exclusive time slots in semesters or even an entire year for internship and this is a part of their curriculum. One immediate advantage that many students get is the direct placement in those companies and professional connections which can help for further studies and job opportunities.


Useful Tips to Find that Dream Finance Internship

finance internship

If you are in college and you want to get into the finance industry once you graduate, then you need to start looking for a good internship offer. Competition for good offers will be intense so you need to do your homework and be prepared.

Here are a few useful tips to help you land that desired finance internship:

  • Make sure you are checking your resume and adding relevant details before you apply for an internship offer. Proofread the resume because if there are grammar mistakes or spelling errors then it will give a bad impression. Get rid of inaccuracies in the resume, if any.
  • There are various forms in which you can mention experience in your resume. For instance, if you have worked in a high-paced finance environment or you have scored high in your finance class, you can mention such details in the resume.
  • Take out time to determine which firm might interest you the most. For instance, if being a broker is your goal, then it will make sense to opt for a position at a retail brokerage. But if you want to be a fund manager, you need to look for a good mutual fund company.
  • Don’t waste time and get applications submitted. Make sure you know the deadline by which you need to apply for internship in a particular company. The application should be crisp and easy to read. Make it interesting in order to catch the employer’s attention.
  • The best way of finding internships for college students is to look for options on the internet. There are several online internship portals from where one can find information on available options in their city. Do your homework and focus on finding the best internship program if you wish to excel in your career.

How are internships for college students a good career move

How are internships for college students a good career move

Internships are necessary because they give an opportunity to students to expand their experience and prepare for a job in the corporate world. It adds to the resume, making them more valuable in the job market than the others. Interns can combine class room training with real life training and make their CV look good to employers.

Internships for college students can be a good career move:

  1. Making industry contacts: It is always about whom you know and also having knowledge about how to do a certain task during the internship. Industry contacts will increase your ability to get a suitable job after the college is over. Internships also give you a platform to try something new and different.
  2. A good resume: Resume with industry experience can increase your chances of getting the ideal job in a particular industry. The skills and experience you gain during the internship will gives you the chance to get a permanent paid position in the company.
  3. Convert the academic knowledge into Industry skills: Internships have always been more than doing just petty jobs like fetching coffee for seniors. Interns also get a chance to handle different types of responsibilities in order to prove that they are ready to manage the same in case of a permanent job. Be it engineering internships or marketing internship, you can learn a lot for a brighter future.
  4. Internship can help you become more career oriented. However, make sure that you have interest in the industry you are aiming for and you are happy with the internship experience. If you don’t cherish the experience, you are open to try something else.
  5. Gain an unforgettable life experience: Internships is all about trying all the possible options and experiencing professionalism that will be useful in future.

Why internship for college students is a must

Why internship for college students is a must

There are many college students who graduate but they don’t get a job because employers disdain their lack of work experience. This is the reason why it is important for college students to complete at least one internship program in order to learn new skills and gain relevant experience.

Here are some of the reasons why internships for college students are a must:

  1. A growing number of employers are now hiring fresh candidates for jobs only if they come with some experience. Majority of employers say that candidate experience is a vital factor in making hiring decisions. Most companies want new-grad experience to come from co-op programs or internships. If you are a college student looking for an internship opportunity, you will surely enjoy a competitive edge over your classmates who haven’t interned.
  2. Many employers see internship programs as the best way of hiring entry-level candidates. So working as an intern will not only help you learn new skills but also open new avenues for a job. Small as well as large companies across the globe are realizing the importance of internship programs in producing high quality candidates.
  3. Whether you do full time or part time internship, it will help you get paid more when you graduate and find a job. According to employment surveys, employers that hire entry-level candidates with internship/co-op experience are paid at least 5 to 6 times more than those without experience.
  4. Internships will help you earn college credit towards your degree. There are many colleges that provide credit for eligible internships. You can consult your career-service office or faculty adviser to know more about your college or school’s major-department policies.
  5. You get to test a career plan through internship. If you join an industry of your choice as an intern, you can find out whether or not it is meant for you. Interning will help you take a test drive and decide if you want to be in a certain field. You will not only decide on a career plan but also get valuable understanding of the major field. It will become easy for you to grasp your coursework. Also, if there are any gaps in classroom learning and the real world learnings, then internship will help fill this gap effectively.
  6. Skill development is one of the most important reasons why college students should pursue internships with a reputed company. Even if you have the interpersonal skills that employers are looking for, internship will help you sharpen those skills because you will get to interact with experts in a professional environment. You will also learn skills related to communication, leadership, problem solving and so on.
  7. As a future employee, you will gain a lot of confidence because you will get to know how a professional work environment functions. You will become more confident to face the real world when finding a job. It will help you learn work habits and become more motivated.