Choosing the Right Company for Internship in Delhi


Internships have gone from an optional resume addition to a significant factor in finding a good job. Internship experience is one of most precious gems you can have in your pocket when you set out in the professional world to find an employment opportunity. It is quite effective for the for the entry level job aspirers.

Here are some of the tips that you can consider when finding an internship in Delhi:

  • The first step is knowing what you want to do. For instance, if you wish to get into the finance sector, you need to start exploring industries for finance internship. Make a list of companies you would like to work for and start listing the internship offers in each one.
  • The secret of getting a good internship offer is to have a good resume because it has the ability to attract recruiters. The resume should be short and sweet. The cover letters can also play an essential role in helping you get an internship.
  • The best way to get internships is through networking. So use your networking skills and ask your seniors or teachers for recommendations.
  • Different companies require different things – Some might just need a resume and a cover letter whereas some will ask for a portfolio of your creative works. So be prepared with everything.
  • When applying in more than 1 company, the need to follow up arises and this can help you in securing the internship offer. To follow up, you can send an email as a reminder to the company.
  • Never ever give up on the goals of getting an internship. There are many opportunities omnipresent. For getting an internship one has to be persistent. Once you have taken up a good internship offer, it will help you shape your career.