Reaping the Benefits of Pursuing Finance Internships

Reaping the Benefits of Pursuing Finance Internships

Planning to make a career in finance? If the answer is yes, it is recommended to pursue a good internship offer in order to learn new skills and get an edge over other candidates in finding a job.

Most banks and investment management firms hire interns. They offer internship programs to students because they want to test, train and observe students who they may want to offer a place in their firm once they graduate. So if you want to be one of those students who lands a job in a reputed bank as soon as you graduate, then start finding a good internship program.

Here are some of the benefits of pursuing finance internship:

  1. The internship will be like an extended job interview between you and the firm. In this scenario, both you and the company will get to see if working together is beneficial.
  2. Through internship, you will get a good understanding of the firm’s operations and what goes into each role inside the organization.
  3. It gives you a chance to do networking with professionals and other interns. If you are good at it, you can get a good job further down the line. Networking will help you learn a lot because you will be connecting with different types of professionals.
  4. Whether you take up a finance internship in Hyderabad or Mumbai, it will help you boost your CV and give you an edge over other students. You will get to mention the right skills and experiences on your CV that is the first step in getting a dream job.
  5. Internships help students explore their interests. There are chances that you may work as an intern in a bank and realize that this industry isn’t meant for you.

Why internship for college students is a must

Why internship for college students is a must

There are many college students who graduate but they don’t get a job because employers disdain their lack of work experience. This is the reason why it is important for college students to complete at least one internship program in order to learn new skills and gain relevant experience.

Here are some of the reasons why internships for college students are a must:

  1. A growing number of employers are now hiring fresh candidates for jobs only if they come with some experience. Majority of employers say that candidate experience is a vital factor in making hiring decisions. Most companies want new-grad experience to come from co-op programs or internships. If you are a college student looking for an internship opportunity, you will surely enjoy a competitive edge over your classmates who haven’t interned.
  2. Many employers see internship programs as the best way of hiring entry-level candidates. So working as an intern will not only help you learn new skills but also open new avenues for a job. Small as well as large companies across the globe are realizing the importance of internship programs in producing high quality candidates.
  3. Whether you do full time or part time internship, it will help you get paid more when you graduate and find a job. According to employment surveys, employers that hire entry-level candidates with internship/co-op experience are paid at least 5 to 6 times more than those without experience.
  4. Internships will help you earn college credit towards your degree. There are many colleges that provide credit for eligible internships. You can consult your career-service office or faculty adviser to know more about your college or school’s major-department policies.
  5. You get to test a career plan through internship. If you join an industry of your choice as an intern, you can find out whether or not it is meant for you. Interning will help you take a test drive and decide if you want to be in a certain field. You will not only decide on a career plan but also get valuable understanding of the major field. It will become easy for you to grasp your coursework. Also, if there are any gaps in classroom learning and the real world learnings, then internship will help fill this gap effectively.
  6. Skill development is one of the most important reasons why college students should pursue internships with a reputed company. Even if you have the interpersonal skills that employers are looking for, internship will help you sharpen those skills because you will get to interact with experts in a professional environment. You will also learn skills related to communication, leadership, problem solving and so on.
  7. As a future employee, you will gain a lot of confidence because you will get to know how a professional work environment functions. You will become more confident to face the real world when finding a job. It will help you learn work habits and become more motivated.

How to find an ideal internship in Hyderabad


It is often requested by employers that college graduates have ‘real world’ experience. This is where the importance of internship comes into picture. Students are encouraged to gain internship experience before starting to look for a job because it gives them a competitive edge over other candidates.

With the help of internship, students get a chance to experiment and pursue their careers that also match their personal and academic interests. Internship programs are necessary for building a career for students, giving them a firsthand on-the-job-experience. So if you are looking for ways to launch your career in the best possible manner, it becomes important to choose an ideal program for internship in Hyderabad.

Here are a few useful tips that you can consider when finding the ideal program:

  • It is necessary to first define your career and internship goals. For instance, are you interested in getting into banking, HR or marketing? If you want to get into banking, you need to start making a list of banks that you want to intern at. Similarly, if you want a promising career in marketing, you need to shortlist companies where you would want to work as an intern.
  • You need to ask yourself, why you want to do an internship and what are you wishing to gain from it. From learning new skills to networking, there are many things that you can gain from joining a certain organization. So being clear on your goals will help you choose the right company for your marketing, banking or HR internship in Hyderabad.
  • The company you choose will make a lot of different when you sit down to write your resume. So choose a name that not only best suits your needs but also adds to your resume.

Choosing the Right Company for Internship in Delhi


Internships have gone from an optional resume addition to a significant factor in finding a good job. Internship experience is one of most precious gems you can have in your pocket when you set out in the professional world to find an employment opportunity. It is quite effective for the for the entry level job aspirers.

Here are some of the tips that you can consider when finding an internship in Delhi:

  • The first step is knowing what you want to do. For instance, if you wish to get into the finance sector, you need to start exploring industries for finance internship. Make a list of companies you would like to work for and start listing the internship offers in each one.
  • The secret of getting a good internship offer is to have a good resume because it has the ability to attract recruiters. The resume should be short and sweet. The cover letters can also play an essential role in helping you get an internship.
  • The best way to get internships is through networking. So use your networking skills and ask your seniors or teachers for recommendations.
  • Different companies require different things – Some might just need a resume and a cover letter whereas some will ask for a portfolio of your creative works. So be prepared with everything.
  • When applying in more than 1 company, the need to follow up arises and this can help you in securing the internship offer. To follow up, you can send an email as a reminder to the company.
  • Never ever give up on the goals of getting an internship. There are many opportunities omnipresent. For getting an internship one has to be persistent. Once you have taken up a good internship offer, it will help you shape your career.

Benefits of Choosing a Startup Internship Offer


Internships are important if you want your resume to be stronger when compared to other candidates. There is no doubt that interning with a reputed company has its own advantages but did you know there is a lot to be gained even if you intern at a smaller company or a start up?

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a startup internship offer:

  1. Learn anything and everything: In start-ups, every employee in the team is treated equally. In the early stage, start-up is valuable and every member of the team is of importance, including the interns. As an intern, you stand a better chance of getting to work on various projects, adding more value to the team.
  2. Get an opportunity to learn how companies work: As an intern in a large company, you might not get the required exposure. You will get to do very little as there may be a large number of interns as well as employees present already. But if you work in a start-up, you will be exposed to all aspects of the business.
  3. Choosing a career path: Internships in India have become quite popular because if you are not sure what you want to achieve professionally, it can help you make a choice. You will be open to explore different areas in order to chalk out what interests you.
  4. Quick with adaptation: Compared to large companies, there are no set of rules or order of work in start-ups which makes it a flexible work environment where even interns are encouraged to try new things.
  5. Networking: Start-ups can make interns meet professionals. Many start-ups have the potential to become big companies. These talented people can act as a guide and also help you in getting a job.

Tips to Consider when Choosing a Startup Internship


Have you been planning to work at a startup? If the answer is yes, it is better to start with an internship to gain first-hand experience. Just make sure that you choose a company that values your skills and gives you the compensation you deserve. Compensation can either be money or training.

  • There are several benefits of startup internships. Whether you want to start your own company or you want to excel in a specific field, startup internship will help you try out your future career path. Even if you are not sure about what you want to do, working at a small, growing company will give you the required clarity. It will help you observe different facets of a business and prepare you for working at a larger organization.
  • There is no doubt that it can be difficult to find a good start-up internship offer. This is because startup companies don’t have the resources to send recruitment teams to college fairs. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot find a good opportunity. You need to keep looking for the right option. Firstly, you need to start identifying the best start-ups where you can work as an intern. It is recommended to work for a company that you are passionate about and not just any random firm.
  • You need to be proactive, reaching out and introducing yourself to companies of your choice, even if they are not offering any internship programs. Explain why you would want to work for them and also share your skills and experience so that they get to see what role you can play at the company.

So what are you waiting for? Create your summer internship 2017 plan today and start getting in touch with companies of your choice.

How Internships Benefit the Company and Interns


If you have a startup or growing company and you wish to get more resources because there is a lot that needs to be done, hire an intern. There are several ways in which hiring interns helps a company. For instance, if you get a good intern, you can get a new perspective on organizational issues. The intern will come with fresh ideas and suggestions that you may not have considered before.

Interns at times question processes and they can also suggest better ways of doing the same thing. Internships are trial periods but they can lead to a lot more for interns as they get to know how much potential they have in a certain field. They also get to assess their skills and work ethics, preparing themselves for the future.

Companies can benefit a lot from having interns as they can help with tasks or projects, freeing up your professionals for other vital tasks. Interested candidates will go out of their way to accomplish things at your workplace, offering the best they can to complete projects. It is recommended to give them meaningful work so that it helps your company and helps interns learn more.

Companies will also be gaining brand advocates if they provide good opportunities for interns. Hiring interns will help in spreading the word about the brand. They will talk about their experiences in your company with their peers, friends and family members which will eventually advertise your organization.

If you are looking for internship in Mumbai, you need to start planning in advance. Depending on the field in which you want to excel, you can start by shortlisting companies that are offering internship programs. You will have to apply and wait for their response before making a final choice.