How are internships for college students a good career move

How are internships for college students a good career move

Internships are necessary because they give an opportunity to students to expand their experience and prepare for a job in the corporate world. It adds to the resume, making them more valuable in the job market than the others. Interns can combine class room training with real life training and make their CV look good to employers.

Internships for college students can be a good career move:

  1. Making industry contacts: It is always about whom you know and also having knowledge about how to do a certain task during the internship. Industry contacts will increase your ability to get a suitable job after the college is over. Internships also give you a platform to try something new and different.
  2. A good resume: Resume with industry experience can increase your chances of getting the ideal job in a particular industry. The skills and experience you gain during the internship will gives you the chance to get a permanent paid position in the company.
  3. Convert the academic knowledge into Industry skills: Internships have always been more than doing just petty jobs like fetching coffee for seniors. Interns also get a chance to handle different types of responsibilities in order to prove that they are ready to manage the same in case of a permanent job. Be it engineering internships or marketing internship, you can learn a lot for a brighter future.
  4. Internship can help you become more career oriented. However, make sure that you have interest in the industry you are aiming for and you are happy with the internship experience. If you don’t cherish the experience, you are open to try something else.
  5. Gain an unforgettable life experience: Internships is all about trying all the possible options and experiencing professionalism that will be useful in future.

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